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Push Back Racking

High-density storage system conducting load and pick at the front, pushing the existing stock further back into the racking.

What is Push Back Racking?

Push Back Racking systems are installed with rollers on the racking or shutters on each pallet base to make them mobile and are designed specifically for First In, Last Out (FILO) goods management.

A brilliant space optimiser, Push Back Racking requires only one aisle for stock management and picking, which leaves the rest open for high-value storage space to house more products.

FILO is the ideal storage solution where stock rotation isn’t a priority, so for non-perishables and long-dated items such as bottled drinks and dry goods, this is an excellent solution. Push Back Racking can also be used in cold storage and can significantly reduce energy and running costs thanks to its optimisation features and reduction in pick time as little manual input is required.

  • FILO stock management with access from the front only
  • High density, compact storage maximises floor space
  • Use standard forklift equipment
  • Reduce pick and replenishment times
  • Less manual input required saves on costs
  • Reduce energy and staff costs in cold and dry storage
pushback racking
Nene Push Back Pallet Racking

Is Push Back Racking Right For Me?

Like all Nene products, Push Back Racking is highly durable – manufactured from industry-grade, high-quality steel, and can be supported further with additional safety and maintenance products and services provided by Nene. These include anything from our industry-leading rack protectors and Deflektors to rolling maintenance contracts, keeping you safe, secure and sailing through your SEMA inspections.

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