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Mobile Racking

Intelligent design allows for Mobile Racking to flex to the changing needs of the warehouse.

What is Mobile Racking?

Conventional pallet racking is mounted on manoeuvrable bases, made mobile with tracks set into the floor – allowing for same-day reconfiguration, either manually or by remote software.

You can use Mobile Racking on an ‘as-and-when’ basis in terms of stock accessibility, only opening the aisles up when you need to access that particular line of stock. This protects vulnerable or high-value inventory from the elements and any pilfering.

Mobile Racking can also be used in archiving and large-scale document storage and is a cost-effective solution for low-turnover items and in both dry and cold storage, reducing energy costs thanks to its space limiting functionality.

  • No specialist equipment is required
  • Vulnerable, high-value items are protected
  • Unnecessary wear and tear significantly reduced
  • Excellent floor space optimisation
  • Energy costs in cold stores are significantly reduced
Nene Mobile Racking

Is Mobile Racking Right For Me?

Like all Nene products, Mobile Racking is a highly durable solution for optimising stock storage and can be supported further with Nene’s safety and maintenance products and services. These include anything from our industry-leading rack protectors and Deflektors to rolling maintenance contracts, keeping you safe, secure and sailing through your SEMA Rack Inspections.

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