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Storeganizer is a tailor-made solution, designed to fit any inventory needs, and it is highly adaptable. Solutions can be created in any size or dimension, according to your specifications. This makes it suitable to work within a wide range of product types.

Benefits of Storeganizer


Based on a concept of vertically stacked, multi-row high quality pockets, Storeganizer limits the costs per square metre. It’s designed to accommodate small items in columns of suspended, easy-to-access vertical pockets, made of flexible, durable coated textile. Although lightweight themselves, these columns can support up to 100 kg as standard, with a 10-year warranty.


Storeganizer is the perfect solution to optimise racking space in a cost-efficient way. On average, travelling time is reduced by 42%, resulting in a 26% gain in order picking efficiency.


A Storeganizer solution concentrates a large number of SKUs in space by stacking them vertically, reducing the picking area to be covered. Therefore shorter travelling distances lead to higher order picking productivity.

The configuration can also be easily arranged to limit bending and lifting, by storing the fastest moving and/or heaviest SKUs on higher levels.

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Nene Storage Equipment. providers of 'Timber Decking' products for racking in the UK and Europe.
Nene Storage Equipment. providers of 'Timber Decking' products for racking in the UK and Europe.

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