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A cost-effective method to maximise your storage capability, our space-saving modular storage system, complete with 10-year warranty, could be the perfect fit for your business.


Based on the concept of vertically stacked, multi-row high quality pockets, Storeganizer is designed to accommodate small items in columns of suspended, easy-to-access vertical pockets, made of flexible, durable coated textile, and able to support up to 100kg. All that and a 10-year warranty, too.


Our highly adaptable Storeganizer solution can be created in any size or dimension, designed to fit your specific inventory needs.


Storeganizer is a cost-effective way to optimise racking space. By concentrating a large number of SKUs in a small space by stacking them vertically, this reduces the picking area to be covered, reducing travelling time by 42% and resulting in a 26% gain in order-picking efficiency.

Minimise bending and lifting

By storing the fastest moving and/or heaviest SKUs on higher levels, the configuration can be easily arranged to limit bending and lifting..

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A complete solution

We offer a wide range of complementary products, accessories and services. Our friendly team of expert advisors is on hand to help with any questions you have about your specific requirements and can visit your site to help you determine your exact requirements.