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Preparing your warehouse for the Christmas rush

Christmas season as per usual has crept up on us all, and so with preparations for increased retail, FMCG, annual leave and operational shut down to consider, businesses will need more than a few extra hands for the seasonal period.

There are some simple, yet key steps you can take to make sure you are prepared for the combined stress potential of the rush of Christmas and the winter weather.

Warehouse Design and Layout

Clear access for quick deliveries

If your racking is in place or you are waiting to have additional fitted, make sure what you have got already is easily accessible and organised to be able to take quick deliveries without compromising the stock, particularly food and drink items. Clear gangways will keep your staff safe from trip hazards and floors clear in case of spillages and so on, whilst allowing for multiple deliveries a day – straight to rack.

Warehouse stock Management

Rack hire

If you only need additional racking for the Christmas period, consider hiring racking solutions which can be added to your existing equipment, or utilised as a new set up – ideal for new businesses, SME’s and Christmas specific items. Nene offer a wide range of hire solutions, from equipment to length of hire and so can accommodate a variety of different scenarios and needs.

Warehouse Health and Safety

Cantilever racking

Is space at a premium or just not available? Perhaps your items are outsized and weatherproof? Cantilever racking provides an outdoor solution to storing stock, maximising space and expanding your operations without having to hire or additional buildings to accommodate. Nene are experts in racking and supply Cantilver options across the UK, you can see more here.

Warehouse Worker Training

Additional staff

Having your Christmas recruitment in hand on time will save you hassle and lost productivity in the long run. They will need training on your existing set up, but particularly so if you are hiring additional equipment in (as will your permanent staff) and there are important and legal ramifications should anything go awry due to lack of certification and training.

Warehouse Worker Training

Staff equipment

With staff in place, make sure all boots, high vis, warm clothing, gloves and waterproofs are in new or in excellent working condition. Ensure you have stock to cover breakages and losses and provide every staff member with at least two of each item. Staff safety and contentment reduces injury, increases concentration and wellbeing and ultimately productivity. Take care of your team and they will take care of your business.

In the run-up to Christmas, warehouses need to be prepared for the work surge and speed of output in addition to the winter elements. There are key measures you can take to ensure efficiency and safety within your warehouse, from smaller quick wins to racking hire.