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Protecting Your Investment: Pallet Racking Protection


Ensure the longevity of your warehouse racking and prevent injury and equipment damage with essential, regulatory maintenance checks and products.

In a warehouse, each pallet can be a danger to your team. Collapse, stock slips and damage from poor handling, low maintenance and debris are an unnecessary occurrence in any warehouse, yet often found.

A typical high-risk example is forklift damage from impact, resulting in expensive equipment repairs and, at times, significant worker injuries. Pallet racking systems are not built to resist heavy impact from forklifts, even at a low-speed collision. It’s not uncommon for racking to collapse under low-level impact partially or even entirely. While the impact is absorbed, the pallet racking is compromised. It becomes damaged as a result, so while the effects might not be immediate, they are wearing away at the structure’s integrity.

Collapse and damaged pallet racking not only compromise the quality and safety of the goods you are storing or distributing but can also cause significant injury to those working in the warehouse. Primarily, worker safety is paramount – then you must consider your legal obligations for both staff and goods, ensuring your insurance is valid, and your equipment aligns with industry standards.

Did you know…

More than 80% of damage happens in the first two metres off the ground, so why not protect it?

damaged racking in a warehouse

Racking Protection Regulations

Numerous products can ensure that you protect your pallet racks from impact, not just forklift collisions. Pallet racking protection products are well worth the time and expenditure to cover all eventualities.

While it is not law to have protection installed, there is guidance recommended. For example, any investigated accidents in the warehouse will consider ‘best practice’ if you install protection. Your legal requirements need to comply with The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 and The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) 1998. Covering your employees’ wellbeing and protecting yourself in the result of injury claims is a preventative measure that will pay for itself in times of need.

Nene have racking protection products and services that can help you to comply with these requirements.

The Health & Safety Executive HSG76

Warehousing and storage – A guide to health and safety states:

Where racking is likely to be struck by lift trucks and other vehicles, it should be protected.

View HSE HSG76 Guide >

SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association)

Code of Practice for the Use of Static Pallet Racking 8.4 Rack Protection states:

Where necessary, steps should be taken to protect corner uprights from being struck by fork lift trucks and other vehicles. </iblockquote

View SEMA Racking Protection Code of Practice >

80% is a large area of expensive equipment to damage. The front face of the upright and first three braces are always the most vulnerable. End of aisle uprights are the most prone to damage from exposure – protect these at a minimum. And it’s not just the DC’s that need measures in place – we know this, so we have various levels of protection to suit your budget.

Essential Racking Protection Products

We are market leaders in our industry and provide health and safety services to match. As part of our growing product range to protect your investment, our essential safety products are a fundamental part of our offering:

Rack Deflektor

Rack Deflektor

An inexpensive and easy way to protect racking uprights against pallet and forklift damage.

Steel End Of Rack Barrier

Steel End of Rack Barrier

Providing effective, robust protection for vulnerable areas, such as end braces and uprights.

Timber Barriers

Timber Barriers

Once hit or damaged, these are quick and inexpensive to fix, making them the ideal solution to make your money go further.

Warehouse Barrier protecting walkway

Warehouse Barrier Systems

Increase your health and safety compliance by protecting walkways and other areas within your warehouse.

Pallet back stop and support bars

Pallet Back Stops & Support Bars

A cost-effective solution that prevents product migration and damage, increasing your efficiency and saving you money.

Steel upright protection

Steel Upright Protection

Corner guards, wrap-around guards and column guards, providing practical and long-lasting protection.

Protect your staff, stock and investment with a Racking Protection maintenance package from Nene. Scalable and built to your business needs, we will ensure you meet and exceed industry regulation and that your employees feel safe and secure in their working environment.