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Not All Racking Is The Same


But racking is all the same, right?

To the untrained eye, most racking can look the same. But you have a choice with a wide variety of racking types available for all kinds of purposes.

We run through the range in this article…

The different types of racking

From heavy-duty pallet racking to small item partitioning, we’ve got you covered.

wide aisle pallet racking with a forklift

Wide Aisle Racking

A popular choice of Adjustable Pallet Racking; wide aisle racking is easy to install and for pick teams to use. A standard forklift truck and a qualified driver is all you need to pick and restock, and as it is adjustable, you can store goods on multiple levels and adapt when you need to. Perfect for seasonal, multi-SKU stock, or when you have schedule changes to manage.

very narrow aisle pallet racking in an empty warehouse

Very Narrow Aisle Racking

An ideal option for space optimisation, Very Narrow Aisle Racking makes full use of the often neglected height in a warehouse. Keeping premium floor space free and working upwards means more goods can be stored and picked with direct access, without sacrificing scarce floor space or having to move buildings altogether. You will need specialist handling equipment to accommodate the pick height, so make sure your driver is licensed to drive a combi VNA truck.

galvanised cantilever racking outside

Cantilever Racking

Flexible, adjustable, and requiring only a standard forklift truck, Cantilever racking is perfect for outsized items, particularly long items such as timber and piping. Cantilever arms on a column structure can be bolted into a fixed position or adjusted to suit, time and time again. As no intermediate uprights are required, you have complete adaptability for your needs.

mobile warehouse racking and a forklift

Mobile Racking

Same-day reconfiguration, either manually or remotely, means you can adapt your warehouse capabilities within hours instead of weeks. Conventional pallet racking is mounted on manoeuvrable bases, made mobile with tracks set into the floor, which you can then manage based on your needs. You can use Mobile Racking on an ‘as-and-when’ basis restricting stock accessibility to protect vulnerable items from theft and the elements.

drive in racking in a warehouse

Drive-In Racking

Drive-in racking and Drive-through racking are highly economical solutions for high-turnover heavy goods. Configured with multiple levels and deep rows of stock, Drive-in and through use Last In, First Out (LIFO) stock replenishment and pick, requiring little manoeuvrability for a standard forklift, only a rotating fork is needed. Ultimately, this option optimises space and reduces the staff required to pick the items.

live racking in an empty warehouse

Live Racking

Live Racking maximises space and optimises the pick by enabling new stock to be replenished either at the front and pushed back, or at the back and pushed to the front. This takes much of the manual element out of pick and replenishment, saving time and production costs in the process. Ideal for stock management and rotation, Live racking is a popular option for FMCG, food and drink distribution, and pharmaceuticals.

push back racking in an empty warehouse

Push Back Racking

An excellent space optimiser, Push Back Racking systems are installed with rollers on the racking or shutters on each pallet base to make them mobile. They are designed specifically for First In, Last Out (FILO) goods management, where stock rotation isn’t a priority, such as non-perishables and long-dated items such as bottled drinks and dry goods.

The different uses of racking

With a host of options available, which ones are best for what? Working through this with a Nene designer in your planning process will ensure you have the correct, most efficient racking for your needs.

Picking and packing

Typically eCommerce, especially in the last 18 months, and fast-moving stock such as medical and pharmaceutical goods require easy access and highly organised arrangements for an efficient pick. With demands for delivery higher than ever, racking must be capable of quick access and fast turnarounds.

Racking styles perfect for these kinds of items are:

Storeganizer – a textile pocket system exclusive to Nene

Pallite Pix – the durable, sustainable, highly organised pick face installation for small to medium items,

Nene Shelf Partitioning Systems – ideal for small items and picks with multiple SKUs on one order, such as medication and pharmaceutical goods.

storeganizer warehouse storage solution
forklift picking products from racking

Forklift access

Heavy goods and bulky items such as paper, dry groceries such as bottled drinks and more are palletised on wooden pallets and picked with forklift trucks. Irregular sized items are also handled by forklift, increasing safety and decreasing pick time versus manual pick.

Driven by qualified drivers, standard forklifts or combi VNA trucks easily access drive-in and through racking, wide-aisle and very narrow aisle racking.

Outdoor storage

If you have products that can withstand the elements, taking your storage outside is a great way to optimise the inside storage space. Garden centres and hardware stores are typical outdoor storage uses, and you will likely see Cantilever racking for that purpose – storing steel items, timber, garden items and construction materials.

outdoor cantilever racking

Racking manufacturers stocked by Nene

With an unrivalled stock holding, Nene can cater for clients whether they need refurbished or new racking systems. Our experts have the vast knowledge and experience to identify the system you already have in place, even if it is a legacy system. Then, we will either supply parts for the existing racking or advise on a suitable replacement system.

Nene stocks all of the major industry leaders and brands in racking manufacturing. We supply and install small parts to complete turnkey projects, serving our clients with any needs they may have working with leading manufacturers, including:

Nene Racking Manufacturers

Racking is more complex than you might think, but with the proper guidance, you can be sure to have the most cost-effective, efficient and safe racking system in your warehouse.

Working collaboratively with Nene planning and design teams, great care is taken to ensure no random mix and matching occurs, affecting the system’s safety and integrity. We only install compatible or like for like replacements where required and carry out complete turnkey projects for new builds or legacy system replacements.

Save yourself precious time and cost by working with Nene for your racking requirements.