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Nene Warehouse Solutions’ Success at IMHX 2019

IMHX 2019 provided the perfect platform for Nene Warehouse Solutions to display their latest innovation. In partnership with Gondola Skate – the mobilisation experts, Nene exhibited a highly successful event, with over 400 stands and 16,000 logistics professionals gracing the NEC halls, looking to see the latest tech and innovation on offer.
As the Brexit timer ticks down, the standout issues for the supply chain sector are warehouse space and storage, stockpiling goods that may see a decline in import, even if just for the immediate future. Time and space are becoming a highly sought-after commodity, and so the need for innovative, technical solutions to combat these issues are paramount, thus setting an unofficial theme for the event.

Nene, with US partners Gondola Skate, demonstrated The Rhino skate product, displaying technology exclusive to Nene. Highlighting their commitment to health and safety standards, the Rhino does this with a CFME (Certified Fixture Mobilisation Expert) trained workforce.

With over 45 years’ experience of providing market-leading warehouse and racking solutions to businesses across the UK and Ireland, Nene have the knowledge and expertise required to help develop and mobilise your business with highly effective, market-leading warehouse solutions and exceptional customer service.