“After many years of Nene Storage Equipment Ltd running Racking Maintenance Contracts Nationwide, it became apparent that we were becoming more and more reliant on external suppliers, which in turn was causing delays; giving us more work to do; and in extreme cases causing our installations to fail!”

Nene Storage Equipment Director; Gary Coleman.

When our clients call us with a racking emergency we need to act immediately and get to site as soon as we can.

To ensure our clients remain compliant in the quickest available time and also ensure they have their adjustable pallet racking back available, we needed to become self-sufficient in as many areas of the supply chain as we possibly could.

One of the biggest issues we generally had and a major hindrance to us reacting quickly was getting the required plant to site in the shortest time possible.

Much of the repair works we undertake only take a short amount of time but the minimum hire time available to us was 3 days which far out-weighed the time required on-site in many cases.

This of course meant the plant would be delivered the day before the repairs; collected whenever the transport company could get back to collect it and inevitably would end up in our client’s way on site.

Should we pick up a RED RISK during a Racking Inspection; carried out by our in house SEMA Approved Racking Inspector; this also gives us the ability to react immediately if required.

The Solution!

Provide our installation crews out with their own scissor lifts; enabling us to repair adjustable pallet racking; cantilever racking and mezzanine floors same day.

We have SEMA approved installation companies Nationwide with access to their own scissor lifts which enables us to react far quicker to any call or emergency our clients have.

The scissor lifts are fully maintained and always operated by fully accredited SEMA Approved Installation teams.

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