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Longspan Shelving: The industrial shelving for warehousing and distribution


Longspan shelving is one of the most straightforward yet user-friendly and useful racking solutions in the market. Its succinct yet adaptable set-up provides storage for many items across various industry sectors.

What is longspan shelving?

Strong and durable, longspan shelving is a hand-loaded shelf racking solution popular in facilities worldwide. Typically made of painted, galvanised steel, it is a modular shelving system made up of steel beams and completed with either chipboard or treated steel shelving plates. The metal shelving is rounded off to give a smooth finish facing the picking area to ensure the pick is easy and safe to do.

industrial longspan shelving in a warehouse
industrial longspan shelving in a distribution centre

Typical uses of Industrial Longspan Shelving

Longspan shelving most commonly houses long, oversized, or obscure items thanks to its unrestrictive design and ability to be adapted and added. Small, bagged items such as fixtures and fittings are also ideal for this kind of racking; anything to be hand-picked would suit, and combined with Nene’s Shelf Partitioning System, the racking can be segregated and organised with ease. This kind of racking is essential to pick bays where the pick quantities may be low, but the SKU numbers are high, such as unrestricted medication.

Food & Beverage facilities can also benefit from long-span shelving for items that don’t require a forklift or machinery to pick them, small bottle packs, snack goods, and cartons – anything where the pick is manageable and stock isn’t dangerously high. You will also find longspan shelving in facilities where products or locations change regularly due to its adaptable design, making quick and easy changes for warehouse managers.


Though simple, this industrial shelving system is highly versatile, enabling you to store a wide range of items without any size or shape restrictions. Its clean, straightforward layout allows for immediate access to items, which provides easier and faster picking for warehouse workers, improving efficiency and productivity.

Modular in construction and easy to configure, the longspan design is excellent at optimising warehouse space, better utilising floor space and pick-routes to increase the pick’s safety and productivity.


Buy high-quality products such as those supplied by Nene from the outset, and you will have a system in place that will need little to no further costs applied in the future unless, of course, you are expanding and plan to increase the usage. The steel beams are a reasonable cost upfront with inexpensive chipboard shelving plates or slightly more costly steels to complete the system.

Equipment aside, when integrated effectively, the system will maximise storage space, a premium cost to warehouse managers, and something seldom other racking solutions can do for the same initial outlay.

Maintenance and durability

Steel has long been favoured for its durability and cleanliness. It can handle the high demands placed on it from a continually operating warehouse and cheap enough to be affordable for business owners. More recent equipment and new installations use a bolt-free build on the beams, meaning the construction is safer to use as there are no fixtures and fittings to rust or break, keeping maintenance cost and time to a minimum.

For general housekeeping, the racking is easy to clean and sanitise, ideal for Food & Beverage and medicinal manufacturers and Distribution Centres alike to store goods safely and keep products in good condition.

Longspan industrial shelving is an excellent option to store many different products and businesses. Whether you’re a 24/7 operation or a small business just starting, the simple, secure and adaptable design of this warehouse industrial shelving stalwart is a must-have for easy integration and adaptability in your facility.

Nene, the experts in storage solutions, has an excellent range of options available, able to supply as a standalone installation or part of a more comprehensive project. Their experts can advise on the best way to incorporate longspan shelving into your business.