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Case Study

TLV Euro Engineering

The Challenge

Part of the TLV Group, TLV Euro Engineering approached Nene to help find a solution that would allow them to store some of their pallets on the ground below suitable shelving above.

The Solution

It was identified that the best solution for TLV Euro Engineering was a long span shelving system, providing a picking solution as required. Nene set out designing the floor plan for the area where the shelving was required ensuring the access to the shelving was suitable and had the clearance from the floor to the first shelves for the pallets to be stored below.

Chipboard Decking was chosen as the most appropriate material for the shelving to all levels with the majority of the shelves being 2700mm wide and with the shelves to the far end of each row being 1350mm. Crucial to the project was to ensure the shelving provided clearance from the floor for the pallets to be stored underneath and therefore the first shelves were designed to be fitted at a height of 1220mm to achieve this.

The Finished Outcome

As promised, Nene delivered the project on time.

The whole project was designed, quoted and installed within 2 weeks of the enquiry and provided TLV with the ability to store some of their pallets under shelving .

Work With Nene

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