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Case Study

Storeganizer Picking Solution

The Challenge

Our regular client was looking for a small-parts picking solution to be installed into their existing warehouse, but space was limited. There were few bays available and the parts needed to be stored in an area as small as possible, reducing travel time for picking and not taking up an unnecessary amount of space.

The Solution

The perfect solution was Storganizer. Designed to accommodate small items in columns of vertically suspended, easily accessed pockets, the Storganizer can support up to 100kg in weight thanks to its durable fabric and manufacture.

The Finished Outcome

Using Storganizer meant that 5,624 individual pick locations could be implemented within just twenty pallet rack bays. All accessible from ground level, the pick is made simple, quick, and safe for the workers, and productivity is optimised.

Nene Storage added:

“We have recently completed the installation of Storeganizer for a customer within their distribution centre that needed to save space and time, with great success. Nene’s vast experience and high-quality solutions mean we can install a wide range of difference pick face to cover all scenarios for our customers.”

Work With Nene

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